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Are you a small business but struggling to grow a community and visibility?

Whizzerd is our intimate and passionate marketing agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We've come together through different avenues and when our paths crossed, we realized we all had the same passion in helping startup companies learn the "ins and outs" of social media marketing, SEO and building a strong community.

We will show you everything needed to take your business to the next level. We know it's hard, we know it's confusing. Our job is to make it simple and understandable so you can focus on what you need to - your business.



The people at Whizzerd were fantastic. We started as a blog then moved into trying to monetize through ads. We wanted to find out how to find a target audience (our demographic is very unique), and we took a route with them for a one-time meeting to show us how to do that and it helped out tremendously.

We were new to everything social media, decided to ditch the classic website route and take a more personable approach.  We retained Whizzerd with our monthly planning and updates to show us where our money goes and what it's doing. Our client base and engagement has increased significantly since being with them.

Kruger, Homes 4 Sale Utah

Just needed a website build and learn how to use it. They were pretty quick and always help out with questions. You definitely won't feel like you're a number with them.

Taylor Real Estate

Scott has been amazing. Our social media presence has grown and they're very quick to make changes we need on our website and social accounts. He explained how google ranking works, how to set up social ads and how to find target audiences. Highly recommend.



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